Training at East Coast AC

At East Coast Athletic Club, our coaching team are always focussed on ensuring that our members enjoy training; we believe that through the enjoyment of training sessions and running/athletics in general, progression follows. 

See below for details of our training sessions as well as a specific timetable for training over the next month.

Club Training Nights:

Seniors: Tuesday & Thursday – 7pm

Meeting at Larne Youth FC/East Coast AC Club Rooms, Sandy Bay, Larne

East Coast AC Juniors - Every Tuesday at 6pm

Meeting at Larne Market Yard unless otherwise instructed.

East Coast Cheetahs – Every Thursday at 6pm

Meeting at Larne Market Yard unless otherwise instructed.

Our strategy...

We strongly believe that our strategic direction should be in line with the associated governing body of our sport, Athletics Northern Ireland.

With this in mind, we aim to ensure that our ATHLETES "reach the start-line of their chosen event in their best possible shape" and that our COACHES "aspire to coaching excellence."

Junior Training: Lead Coach - Kieran McKeown (assisted by UKA qualified coaches and assistants)

Our Junior Training, covering both our Cheetahs and Junior section work off the UK Athletics 'Athletics 365' Programme.

The location of our training sites varies throughout the year, so please make sure to check the Notice Board or Facebook/Twitter for any changes.  Our main training base is Larne Market Yard for both our East Coast Cheetahs and ECAC Juniors.

All new Junior athletes will start in their own age appropriate groups so that they feel welcome and able to develop at the right level.  During weekly sessions, as skills and technique improves, the coaches will evaluate each athlete to to monitor progress and will recommend any movements between groups.

In season training is a Tuesday and Thursday evening from 6pm to 6:45pm.  Locations vary, so please keep up to date with the Notice Board and Social Media.  Specific training schedules are available from the Lead Junior Coach.  Please ensure that athletes are dressed appropriately for the weather conditions and bring water bottles with them.

If you would like any further information on any sessions you can contact the club's lead Junior Coach Kieran McKeown via or during training sessions.  

Senior Training: Lead Coach - Ryan Maxwell (assisted by UKA qualified coaches and leaders)

Training Sessions:

At our Tuesday night and Thursday night training, we will have three different sessions for athletes, ensuring that club members of all abilities are catered for and that athletes are guided towards the session most suitable for them.

For example;

The Strength Session will mainly consist of hill running, be that shorter reps or longer continuous runs. It will also include longer reps at tempo pace. These sessions are suitable for those athletes who have some experience and are looking to add 'strength' to the base they have already built.

The Speed session will mainly consist of, interval, repetitions and threshold, tempo and faster runs.  These sessions will be geared towards athletes who have progressed through base (steady running) training and developed some strength and are now in a position to add speed to their training.

The Endurance session will consist of a timed period of steady running.  The times period increases in duration as the month progresses and is aimed at: 1. Building an Aerobic base to allow the athlete to progress to other types of training, 2. To facilitate athletes who are returning from injury or planned rest, or those wanting a lower intensity session ahead of an event, or following an event.

The structuring also allows the clubs coaches to direct members who are on individual plans to a suitable session for that member at any given point throughout their training plan.      

All club sessions will be taken by our UKA (UK Athletics) qualified coaches and Leaders in Running Fitness. If your interest lies in 'field' events, please be sure to get in contact.  Should you wish to discuss any of the above information, or find out what group is best for you, please do not hesitate to contact any of our coaches. 

This month's training:  FEBRUARY 2020...  

Remember:  All sessions can be tailored to an athletes individual needs, the sessions set out below are based on an athlete being at full fitness.

Date & Meeting Point

  Speed Session 

Strength Session

 Endurance Session

Tuesday 04/02/2020

Meet - Larne Youth Club Rooms, Larne

W/U - 5k 'Naked Run' - C/D
W/U - 5k 'Naked Run' - C/D
35mins STEADY
Tuesday 11/02/2020

Meet - Larne Youth Club Rooms, Larne

 W/U - 12 x 1mins - C/D
  W/U - Mixed PACE Hill Session:  3 x 2mins (Steady) / 3 x HS / 3 x 2 (TEMPO) - C/D
 35mins STEADY
Tuesday 18/02/2020
Meet - Larne Youth Club Rooms, Sandy Bay, Larne
 W/U - 3 (3) / 3 (H) / 3 (3)
 W/U - Oregon Circuits Session - C/D
 35mins STEADY
Tuesday 25/02/2020
Meet - Larne Youth Club Rooms, Sandy Bay, Larne
 W/U - 6 x 800m + 2 x 380m - C/D
W/U - 8 x Steady Hills with progressively fast finish  - C/D
   35mins STEADY
Date & Meeting Point
 Speed Endurance Session
 Endurance (Distance base)
 Endurance (Time base)
Thursday 06/02/2020
Meet - Larne Youth Club Rooms, Sandy Bay, Larne
  W/U - 10mins GRP / 3 x 1000m (@ 5k Pace / 10mins GRP - C/D 
 W/U - 2 miles / 1 miles / 800m / 400m - C/D
  35mins STEADY
Thursday 13/02/2020
Meet - Larne FC Social Club, Inver Park, Larne
   W/U - 5 x 1000m TEMPO Hills - C/D
   W/U - 40mins STEADY on Figure of 8 Loop @ Inver - C/D
  35mins STEADY
Thursday 20/02/2020
Meet - Larne Youth Club Rooms, Sandy Bay, Larne 
W/U - 4 x 1 miles - C/D
W/U - 4 x 1 miles - C/D
35mins STEADY
Thursday 28/02/2020
Meet - Riverdale Car Park (top car park across from Library), Pound Street, Larne
  W/U - 3 x 1.7 mile Loops with 4 x Progressive Segements to finish - C/D
 W/U - 2 x 1.5 mile Loops with 4 x Progressive Segments to finish - C/D
35mins STEADY

IMPORTANT - * Please be advised that the locations mentioned above are provisional only and are subject to change at short notice.  It is therefore essential that everyone meets at the official meeting points mentioned in the left column above at 7pm *

The coaching team at East Coast AC will actively promote integration from one group to the other, depending on the athletes needs.

Remember - Individual training plans will also be offered free of charge to  East Coast AC members.  These plans can be set from 60m to marathon and beyond. 

Our coaches also have experience of working with International runners, duathletes and triathletes.

Please note:  Guests are more than welcome to come and try out our training sessions to determine if it suits before joining.  Please use our contact form on the homepage or email us to find out more.