Jog Larne is a 9 week programme run in Larne Town - it encourages and supports people to run 5k.  It doesn't matter what your background in sport or athletics is, we WILL guide you to the appropriate level of fitness required to run a 5k... as long as you put in the effort!

The nationally recognised programme will be delivered by experienced and qualified coaches from East Coast AC (with support from Mid & East Antrim Council).


There will be a mandatory Information / Registration Evening held in Larne Market Yard on FRIDAY 13TH JANUARY 2017 (kicking off at 7pm sharp!).  During this evening, our programme leader will explain about the Couch 2 5k Programme, what it involves and what you can expect.  We will also offer you some excellent hints and tips ahead of the programme starting on TUESDAY 17TH JANUARY 2017 at the Town Park in Larne (5.45pm).



The mandatory Information / Registration Evening will take place on Friday 13th January 2017 (7pm) in Larne Market Yard (Station Road).  The Jog Larne Couch 2 5k Sessions will kick off on Tuesday 17th January 2017 (5.45pm) in Larne Town Park - these will take place every Tuesday and Thursday thereafter... you will also be expected to complete one weekend 'homework' session.  Each session will last for approximately 45 minutes.


Jog Larne is open to persons OVER 15 YEARS OLD (junior from 12-15 may be accepted as long as their parent/guardian is with them at ALL times during the programme).  


A small fee of £10 is required for the programme to cover all expenses.


At the end of the 9 week programme, runners will take part in a 5k run, which will be organised by East Coast AC - finishers will receive a commemorative gift... from here, we can offer you advice and guidance on how to progress your running!

Please note, there are limited spaces available on the programme, it is therefore essential that if you want a place on the programme that you attend the Information / Registration Evening.  

Previous East Coast AC Couch 2 5k programmes (below...)

Well done and Congratulations!

Well done to everyone who took part in todays Jog Larne graduation run at the Larne parkrun.

Everyone did absolutely fantastic and you should all be very proud of yourselves, as the club most certainly is!

Results from the parkrun are now available here and we have published a selection of photos from the event below.

Once again, well done everyone!  

Information re Jog Larne 'Graduation':

The Jog Larne graduation will take place on Saturday 19th July 2014 at 9:30am at Larne parkrun.  

All participants are encouraged to meet up at Dixon Hall between 9-9:10 for a briefing by the East Coast coaches and the parkrun team.

Don't forget to register for the parkrun well in advance and bring your barcode with you to the run.

Registration is easy, just follow the steps below:
1) Click on the following link to take you to the parkrun UK registration form -http://www.parkrun.org.uk/register/form/
2) Fill in all the details and click submit (for any queries on the form please see here for FAQ's - http://www.parkrun.org.uk/register/help/)
3) Check all details are correct before pressing the 'Register Me' button
4) You'll be sent an email confirming your registration as well as a link to your parkrun barcode

Parkrun barcode:
Please print your barcode and bring it with you to the run. Without your barcode, the parkrun team cannot give you a time. Once you've completed the run, you'll be given a plastic numbered chip, this is then given along with your barcode to the scanning team inside Dixon Hall who will scan your chip and your barcode meaning that you will be given an official time for your 5k. 


Jog Larne is a 10 week programme run in Larne Town, that encourages and supports people to run 5k.

Jog Larne is open to everyone, any background, young, old, and all abilities!  It is supported by East Coast AC, an all inclusive and welcoming athletic club based in Larne, and ties in closely with Larne parkrun.

The focus is on making it fun and ensuring legacy of continued running through establishing friendships, contact with your local club, and supporting your local parkrun.

Sessions last approximately 45 minutes, and occur twice a week (with a third session as 'homework') for 10 weeks starting on Tuesday 13th May.  At the end of the 10 week period, runners will take part in the local Larne parkrun and receive a commemorative t-shirt.  A small fee of £5 is required for the programme to cover all expenses.

To sign up, please visit http://activeni.org/16 and come along on Tuesday 13th May. Children under 15 are unable to register via the Active NI system.  If your child is interested in taking part please complete the Junior entry form (click here) and email to eastcoastac@gmail.com.  *PLEASE NOTE:  THERE ARE NO SPACES LEFT ON THIS PROGRAMME*

Please note, there are limited spaces available on the programme, so please register early to avoid disappointment.  The maximum number of adult participants will be capped at 100 and 50 spaces for those under 11, this is to ensure the quality of coaching is maintained.  *PLEASE NOTE:  THERE ARE NO SPACES LEFT ON THIS PROGRAMME*

Last year, East Coast AC ran their first ever 'Couch to 5k' programme which was hailed a major success by all involved.  A staggering 120 people took part and many have continued to run beyond the 5k distance, making life long friendships along the way.

What better way to find out about the programme than by speaking to some of our previous 'graduates'.  We've asked some of those who took part in last year's programme to give a few words on their experience:

"I know I have a long way to go yet but I just want to remind everyone that you are never too old, too unfit or too overweight to start to run.  East Coast Athletic Club's Jog Larne starts in May, something which I am very passionate about as it is how I started running... from sitting on the couch getting fatter and fatter to running 5k, 10k, 10miles and then a half marathon - you can do it too and will meet great friends and have a ball!"

Rosemary Kerr - completed her own c25k programme and has now became a leader in running fitness for East Coast AC, inspiring others to take the first step and achieve their goals.

"I nearly chickened out of C25k last July. I had always thought, "Yeah, I'd like to do that", whenever I'd see someone running around Carnfunnock or out the Coast Road but thought I would NEVER be able to. Anytime I had ever tried to run I'd be puffed out, deflated and wanting to throw up before 5 minutes. Encouraged by my husband and determined to improve my fitness level I signed up. Everyone at ECAC were brilliant from the start and so supportive. The C25K plan itself was easy to keep up with in the first few weeks and then it began to gently remove us from our comfort zones.  It was great to feel the improvement in myself week after week. The coaches were amazing and the whole group atmosphere was really motivating. I now really enjoy running! Since completing the C25K training programme with ECAC I have taken part in Runher at Stormont, a rely leg of Larne Half Marathon and several Parkruns at Carnfunnock. My fitness levels have improved enormously, I run 3 times a week and I've made lots of new friends. I couldn't recommend it enough! Running with ECAC is FUN!!"

Colleen Taylor - started with the couch to 5k programme and who has gone on to be a club member and competes for the club regularly achieving great results.

"In 2013 I started the C25K programme with ECAC. I knew what I wanted to achieve but was unsure how to go about it. I had all the usual feelings of apprehension but this soon changed. The coaches and my fellow runners were all so supportive and encouraging regardless of ability.  My confidence grew and soon I was competing in a 5k club race including the Runher 5k in Stormount. My next target was 10k, then 10mile then my ultimate achievement of a half marathon in 1hr & 49mins. This was all achievable with the right training & the right support. As cliche as this may sound, ECAC is fantastic club with so much to offer every individual. I would recommend anyone to give it a try. "Running is the greatest metaphor in life, because u get out if it what you put into it"."

Paula Urwin - completed the programme last year and progressed on to be part of the winning ladies team in the AES Larne Half Marathon in March 2014.

"I really enjoyed doing couch to 5k with East Coast last year. Coaches, leaders and club members very friendly and supportive no matter what your level. Brilliant way to get into running, improve fitness and to make new friends. I am now a fully fledged member of East Coast AC and thoroughly enjoy running on Tues & Thurs nights with a great bunch of people who encourage me to do my best and have fun at the same time."

Suzanne Lough - completed 2013's programme and is now a regular face at club training, continuing to improve while enjoying the fun and friendship within the club.

"I joined couch to 5k last July with ECAC with the hope of being able to run Larne half marathon next year, but with all the support of the club and hard work put in I was able to run it this year just 6 months after doing my first 5k. Couch to 5k really built my strength up and taught me how to breath properly when I ran which I had always found difficult."

Lesley Robinson - after completing the 5k programme in 2013, Lesley has continually improved and is now a great example for other runners.

"Last years couch to 5k proved to be a massive success for me, as prior to this I had never done any form of running at all. How I got involved was after chatting to a couple of other club members about my ambition to enter a tri or duathlon, but having no running experience I did not know where to begin.  The immediate reaction was for me to start the C25K programme.  This was not only a fantastic and enjoyable way of learning how to run properly, but also a start to getting fit. Now I have joined the club and completed training for duathlon events, entered several 5 and 10k races and the Larne Half Marathon.  I know now that without the excellent coaching and advice during the C25K programme none of this would have been possible."

Stephen Smyth - not only has Stephen's running improved but Stephen has found a real passion for the sport which shows in his performances as well as his great attitude in training.

"Although apprehensive about the C25K programme, doing it was one of the best decisions I have made! The support, motivation and encouragement provided by the coaches and everyone at ECAC was first class and enabled me to stick with the programme. I would highly recommend anyone to give it a go." 

Paul Cunningham - after completing the programme in 2013, Paul has continued to improve at an impressive rate and enjoys training with the club on a regular basis.


If you'd like to find out more, visit our facebook page where you can speak to some of them over the social media - www.facebook.com/joglarne


New JOG Larne 'Couch 2 5k' programme kicking off on Friday 13th January 2017!

How do I sign up?

All you have to do to sign up for our Jog Larne Couch 2 5k programme is come along to our 'Information/Registration Evening' on Friday 13th  January 2017 (7pm).

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