East Coast AC Championship Challenge Series 2021/22

The 'East Coast AC Championship Challenge Series 2021/22' consists of 10 races held throughout the year that allow all athletes to compete on a level playing field (more or less!).  The races aim to cover most aspects of running, including trail, road, cross country and fell/mountain.  The timetable for the events can be seen in the flyer beside this text.

The Series includes internal (organised by East Coast AC) races as well as external races.  The East Coast AC races are open to everyone, not just club members.  However, only fully paid up club members will be considered for the Series awards given to the winner of each event.

Races are either based around a staggered or mass start system.  A staggered system allows for the more inexperienced or slower runners to start first and those who are expected to be faster, will start last - the faster you are, the more 'delay' time (handicap) that is added to your start time, so as to slow you down.  

The theory is that, the amount of delay that is added to your start time varies so that all runners should cross the finish time at exactly the same time... therefore everyone has the same chance of crossing the line first.  

A mass start system is similar in that a 'delay' time, or handicap, is calculated for each athlete, however, all athletes start the race at the same time.  This ensures that no one is left waiting too long in the cold or after their warm-up before starting the race, it also allows inexperienced athletes to experience a mass start, similar to that in officially organised events outside the club.  Athletes will cross the line at various times, and their handicap is added on to their end result.

Why should you do it?

Well first off, it should be fun... honest!  As the events are over a variety of terrains, it gives you a chance to try out other types of racing and you can make your mind up on which one you prefer.  It should encourage you to push yourself that little bit more, because in theory, everyone has an equal opportunity to win - not just the 'top runners'.

Who can take part?

Our series is open to all members, friends, and family.  Anyone can take part in the events.  East Coast AC are a friendly, welcoming, and all inclusive club, suitable for athletes of all abilities.

How is it scored?

An athlete must complete 6 of the 10 above mentioned events to qualify for the series.  The athletes best 6 results will be considered for the series award.

To qualify for the series the athlete must also have volunteered at least once at one of our internal races.

Results are calculated based on a 'handicap' time as well as additional points being awarded based on actual times in that event, thus making it fair to all competitors.

Previous Winners:


1st Allyson O'Toole

2nd To be added...

3rd To be added...

Full results (to be added)


1st Murray Deller (53 pts)

2nd Stephen Allen (65 pts)

3rd Iain Bailie (66 pts)

Full results here.


1st Nikki McNeill (47 pts)

2nd James Robinson (50 pts)

3rd Lynn Magee (65 pts)

Full results here.


1st Lynn Magee (45 pts)

2nd James Robinson (55 pts)

3rd Alex Robertson (64 pts)

Full results here.


1st Ruth Maltman (57 pts)

2nd Glenda Girvin (64 pts)

3rd Mark Jordan (76 pts)

Full results here.